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Episode 19: Losing the Light with Andrea Dunlop

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Emily and Megan talk to Andrea Dunlop, author of Losing the Light about the book, travel, writing, and reading!

Andrea’s novella, Broken Bay, is available as an ebook and her new novel, She Regrets Nothing, out in February 2018, is available for pre-order.

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Andrea offered a ton of book recommendations, check these out:

Touch by Courtney Maum

Fitness Junkie by Lucy Sykes and Jo Piazza

How to Be Married: What I Learned from Real Women on Five Continents about Surviving My First (Really Hard) Year of Marriage by Jo Piazza

Did you read Losing the Light? What do you think happened to Sophie?  Tell us what you thought and give us your recommendations for upcoming book club picks. Email us at

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