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Episode 26: Study Abroad


Danielle and her German host family.

Megan and Emily talk to Danielle Ser about her experiences studying abroad in Germany and following her family’s Holocaust journey into Poland.

Danielle enjoyed the German beer, bakeries, and streuselkuchen.


She offers tips about traveling and living boldly and we debate travel ideas for after she graduates from law school next year!

Danielle booked her study abroad travel through STA Travel.

She shared travel hack/cheap flight search engines CleverLayover.com and Skiplagged.com.

We’re still reading our November book club pick: Come On Shore and We Will Kill and Eat You All by Christina Thompson, read along and send any questions you have to be featured on the show!

Did you study abroad? What were your experiences? Where should Danielle travel to distract herself while she waits for her bar exam results?

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