About Megan & Emily



We are probably just like you.  We have jobs, friends and families, bills, commitments … and no magical benefactor.

We also have insecurities, fears, hesitations… about trying new things, going new places and taking risks.

But, we are doing it: living life, seeing the world, taking bold departures from the ordinary.

More About Megan


Megan bounced between Arizona and Southern California until making a bold departure in 2015 from the sun to the gray skies of Seattle, Washington, a place she fell in love with while on vacation. She spends her free time running in the rain, reading, practicing yoga, and hanging out with her pup, Rigo. Megan currently leads business development for a communications firm that creates awareness of public issues, inspires positive behavior change…and values work-life balance.

Traveling domestically during the wedding season that lasted throughout her 20s, Megan discovered her love for planning trips and seeing new cities in the United States. Megan’s international wanderlust was sparked by Emily’s bold departures and their first trip in 2014.

In 2017, Megan is doubling her (non-North American) countries-visited count from four to eight!

More About Emily


Emily grew up in a very small town in the Midwest area of the United States.  With a bold departure, at 17 she moved a couple thousand miles away to sunny Arizona to attend Arizona State University, and later University of Arizona.  Emily currently practices law and runs a small law firm in Phoenix, Arizona.  She loves to cook, read, practice yoga and plan her next trip.

Emily’s love of foreign travel started with a summer exchange trip to France in 1998. Emily’s addiction with foreign travel didn’t begin until 2013 when she quit her job for five months and traveled to Europe and Southeast Asia.  Since then she has worked hard to find a balance with running a small business and seeing the world.

Emily has traveled to 24 countries… and counting!