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Episode 23: Paris, France

Megan took her first solo international trip - a long weekend in Paris, France! Stayed at the Hotel Beaumarchais in the 11th arrondissement. Le Marais Walking Food Tour from Original Food Tours   Jardin du Luxembourg Catacombs Eiffel Tower + Arc du Triomphe Breaking Down Bullet Journals from Stuff Mom Never Told You Fat Tire Versailles Bike… Continue reading Episode 23: Paris, France

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Episode 21: Traveling Through Transition

Listen here, or now on iTunes and Stitcher!  An unanticipated job loss presented a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to our guest, Julie Rose. She took her time off (and severance package!) and spent almost a month visiting Europe - and hit 10 countries! We talk solo travel, budget, food, hostels and couchsurfing and what's up next for her. Follow Julie's… Continue reading Episode 21: Traveling Through Transition


Episode 20: Living Boldly

Listen here, or now on iTunes and Stitcher! Emily and Megan talk about living boldly and how that translates to travel, work, and relationships.Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway by Susan Jeffers—What does living boldly mean to you? What is the last bold thing you've done in your life or what are you waiting to do? What bold… Continue reading Episode 20: Living Boldly

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Episode 19: Losing the Light with Andrea Dunlop

Listen here, or now on iTunes and Stitcher!  Emily and Megan talk to Andrea Dunlop, author of Losing the Light about the book, travel, writing, and reading! Andrea's novella, Broken Bay, is available as an ebook and her new novel, She Regrets Nothing, out in February 2018, is available for pre-order. Follow Andrea on social media: Twitter and Instagram… Continue reading Episode 19: Losing the Light with Andrea Dunlop

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Episode 18: Packing

Listen here, or now on iTunes and Stitcher!  Rolling? Folding? Carry-on? Back-pack? So many choices when it comes to packing for international travel.  We discuss the methods we have employed in the past, and things to consider when preparing for travel. Listen along as we fill up our bags and prepare for our next adventure! Away Bags: Emily… Continue reading Episode 18: Packing


Episode 17: Bucket Lists

Listen here, or now on iTunes and Stitcher!  Are bucket lists only for those facing an end-of-life diagnosis? We explore the concept of bucket - or life - lists with Bridget O'Brien Swartz and talk about some important items on her list, her dual citizenship, and of course, travel, food, and books! Are you wanting to write a… Continue reading Episode 17: Bucket Lists