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Episode 35: Whole30 Drop Outs

iFly - Indoor Sky Diving Scott's Cheap Flights It Starts with Food by Melissa Hartwig and Dallas Hartwig Whole30 Day by Day by Melissa Hartwig Italian Days Food Tour in Bologna Barstool racing: Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness Shrill by Lindy West Have you done a Whole30 (successfully or unsuccessfully)? Follow us on social media:… Continue reading Episode 35: Whole30 Drop Outs

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Episode 26: Study Abroad

  Megan and Emily talk to Danielle Ser about her experiences studying abroad in Germany and following her family's Holocaust journey into Poland. Danielle enjoyed the German beer, bakeries, and streuselkuchen. She offers tips about traveling and living boldly and we debate travel ideas for after she graduates from law school next year! Danielle booked… Continue reading Episode 26: Study Abroad

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10 tips to plan an amazing trip to the Greek islands

Our week-long trip to the Greek islands was wonderful! Here are the top tips I share with anyone planning a trip there: Find a cheap ticket!  My ticket from Seattle into Mykonos was $422! Thanks, Scott's Cheap Flights! Greece flights seem to go on sale often enough that if you're flexible with your timing, you… Continue reading 10 tips to plan an amazing trip to the Greek islands


Episode 17: Bucket Lists

Listen here, or now on iTunes and Stitcher!  Are bucket lists only for those facing an end-of-life diagnosis? We explore the concept of bucket - or life - lists with Bridget O'Brien Swartz and talk about some important items on her list, her dual citizenship, and of course, travel, food, and books! Are you wanting to write a… Continue reading Episode 17: Bucket Lists

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Episode 15: Mykonos, Greece

Listen here, or now on iTunes and Stitcher! Our last (and also mini-first) stop in Greece was on Mykonos. We stayed at - and would not recommend - Thomas Hotel the first two nights. At the end of the stay we were in Ornos Beach at Yiannaki Hotel, which we enjoyed.Restaurants: Alegro, KaterinaSights to see in Mykonos include any… Continue reading Episode 15: Mykonos, Greece

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Episode 14: Paros, Greece

Listen here, or now on iTunes and Stitcher!  We spent two days on Paros in Naoussa. We stayed at Manis Inn on Piperi Naoussa Beach. It was a bit windy, the more protected beach across the way is Monastiri Beach. Restaurants: Mediterraneo, Vitsadakis, Moraitis Winery, Aranto (in Lefkes), Gelateria S. Cream   We hiked the Byzantine Path and… Continue reading Episode 14: Paros, Greece

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Episode 9: Living Abroad (Brazil)

Listen here, or now on iTunes and Stitcher!  Living abroad in Brazil, with Emily's brother, Adam Taylor Adam has lived in Brazil for the last eight years. Currently, Adam lives in Porto Alegre in the southern-most state of Brazil, Rio Grande do Sol. When Emily traveled to Brazil in 2015, they visited: Iguazu Falls Itaipu Dam Brazil's wine… Continue reading Episode 9: Living Abroad (Brazil)