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Episode 26: Study Abroad

  Megan and Emily talk to Danielle Ser about her experiences studying abroad in Germany and following her family's Holocaust journey into Poland. Danielle enjoyed the German beer, bakeries, and streuselkuchen. She offers tips about traveling and living boldly and we debate travel ideas for after she graduates from law school next year! Danielle booked… Continue reading Episode 26: Study Abroad


Episode 20: Living Boldly

Listen here, or now on iTunes and Stitcher! Emily and Megan talk about living boldly and how that translates to travel, work, and relationships.Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway by Susan Jeffers—What does living boldly mean to you? What is the last bold thing you've done in your life or what are you waiting to do? What bold… Continue reading Episode 20: Living Boldly


Episode 2: Taking the Leap…Buying the Ticket

Listen now on iTunes and Stitcher! In our second episode of the Bold Departures podcast, we talk about introversion and other roadblocks to big life changes, including travel, and how we have gotten over them. We talk about solo travel and share our favorite websites and apps for finding cheap flights and of course, talk… Continue reading Episode 2: Taking the Leap…Buying the Ticket

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What are you waiting for?

I read a lot of sociology and psychology books and work for a communications firm that inspires behavior change, so that's to say, please forgive me while I nerd out a bit. The transtheoretical model of behavior change says we move through five stages of change: precontemplation, contemplation, preparation, action, and maintenance. There are more… Continue reading What are you waiting for?